Product portfolio

Innovating the way you perform coronary intervention

1. Diagnosis

Medipixel’s QCA Solution makes it possible to spot lesion(s) in Coronary Angiography (CAG), perform segmentation of the vessel in question, and analyze the lesion’s status to show information such as length, reference diameter, degree of stenosis, etc. Whole process doesn’t need any manual operation, thus it can be used in cath room seamlessly. 

2. Recommendation

Medipixel’s Tool Recommendation Solution acts as a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), thus supports doctors to choose the most appropriate tools such as guiding catheter, stent, etc. Tool Recommendation is made possible thanks to its AI Engine that has been trained with tons of labeled medical data including CAG, cardiac CT, EMR, and so on. 

3. Guide & Planning

In many cases of Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO), doctors have trouble in navigating guidewire because the vessel’s path is not seen clearly even with contrast. Medipixel’s Guide & Planning solution visualizes the path clearly thanks to its registration technology of CAG and cardiac CT. Furthermore, it extracts ECG pattern in real-time, and put guidewire’s location onto still image of CAG, thus guidewire tracking becomes a piece of cake while reducing the usage of contrast. 

4. Navigation Engine

Medipixel’s Navigation Engine automates intervention tool navigation through coronary artery. Once the destination is spotted, it controls robotic unit by giving the most appropriate real-time command in its existing situation, thus delivers tools like guidewire to the destination in a very efficient way. This is possible due to its AI algorithm which has been trained millions times for thousands of different situations.  

Research & Development

Robotic Coronary Intervention with Reinforcement Learning

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